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British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) events calendar
BBKA list of talks available for beekeepers in the UK. 

BBKA Learning Online
BBKA'S new system for learning materials includes free study units both for members and the public. 
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There is a fee for correspondence courses.

Asian Hornet
BBKA Asian Hornet resources page including new article by Gillian Turner 'A Beekeepers Guide to Asian Hornets'.
Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA): confirmed sightings of Asian Hornets
Further information and advice about Asian Hornets on our Asian Hornet page.

Petition to overturn the decision to allow the use of neonicotinoid pesticides 2023
On Wednesday 1st February, Luke Pollard MP led a Westminster Hall debate in Parliament on the use of
bee-killing pesticides in agriculture.
Watch the debate / read the transcript

Sign BBKA petition: Require honey labels to reflect all countries of origin of the honey
Currently the country of origin on labels can be replaced if the honey originates from multiple countries
with ‘blend of EU/non-EU/EU and non-EU honeys’. We believe this is insufficient to allow consumers to make
an informed choice. All countries where the honey originated should be listed.

WDBKA members: view HBA consultation documents
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Hampshire Beekeeping Association (HBA) bee suit badges £2
Available from 23rd September 2022, these badges will help raise awareness of HBA. 
WDBKA members please login on the Members' area page for details on how to buy your badge.

BeeConnected is an organisation bringing farmers and beekeepers together and keeping beekeepers notified
when a neighbouring farmer is applying insecticides to their crops. Farmers, spray contractors and beekeepers
can register with BeeConnected.

Wildflower verges
Wild flower verges are nicer to look at, in the long term it will save councils money and reduce congestion caused
by grass cutting but most importantly it provides habitat for wildlife including pollinators. Some enlightened councils
are investing in wildflower meadows as is the Wildlife Trust.
Signing this petition is an opportunity to show support for this and put pressure on others to do the same.

Importing honey bees into Great Britain - Small Hive Beetle (SHB)
A major new risk to the health of the bee population - there is an imminent and serious risk that an exotic pest,
Small Hive Beetle, could be introduced into the British Isles. Please see article: Bee Diseases and Insurance Ltd
See also the Government response dated 29th April 2021.

Photography John Cleverley